Its official

Hey everyone!

Last night I received my visa, two days ago I bought my plane ticket, and today I emailed my landlord in Spain to confirm my apartment. In just 53 short days, on September 1st, I will begin my journey to Spain. Some people still ask me about my program so let me clarify,

I will be in Spain from September until July studying in the city of Murcia. While I am there, I will be studying the Spanish language, art, and the Spanish culture. I will be living with a student who is from Switzerland. Luckily another student, who happens to be my very best friend, will be going to Spain for the academic year with me. She will also be at the same University as me, but we will not be living together because we intend to immerse ourselves as much as possible within the culture and if we chose to live together it is inevitable that we would speak English with each other and use each other as a crutch. Another close friend will be in a city a little north of us for the first semester, a third student from USI will be in Murcia in the Spring, and I also have two friends from Spain who live in the region.

This blog will be a way for me to tell everyone what is happening in my life. I will post pictures and try to write at least once a week. As many of you know, one of the reasons I am going to Spain is to further my global understanding. I am also exploring cultural aspects and educational differences. I will also post my opinions on these matters as they develop and as they grow.

I hope you all continue to have a lovely summer,