We are here! (actually we have been here for two days I just haven’t had time to write)

Arriving in Spain was insane. We had to run through Madrid’s airport to catch our connection to Alicante which we made with about 8 minutes to spare. Then, we had to find our taxi driver Paco who speaks no English whatsoever. That was interesting. We drove with him an hour to our home here in Murcia, where I am writing you from.

The city is wonderful and the food is even better. Kaitie, myself, Lenny (a 30 year old social worker turned translator from Germany who already speaks 3 languages) and Kaitie’s roommate Hailey (an interesting character of a girl; also a photographer I must add) went out to eat tapas and drink last night. Immediately everyone knew we spoke English, but the point was we tried and we succeeded. We’ve been shopping, out for café, out for food, and exploring through the city and each time we have to speak in Spanish because no one here speaks English. It’s absolutely thrilling. My Spanish is bad but the people can understand me and I can (sometimes) understand them. I am content.

Now, I must prepare myself for the day and go exploring before the city wakes up. Stay tuned for more pictures, videos, and posts.