Mi compañera de habitación

So I finally met my other roommate. Patricia (my landlord) had originally told me that my roommate was Swedish but Emilie most definitely is Belgium. She actually speaks English and Spanish very well along with her native tongue French but within the first few moments we met each other she very clearly expressed that she did not want to speak English with me. I completely respect her for it. So English is no longer spoken in my apartment or when she is with me. Its wonderful practice and sometimes hours go by without a single word of English. I am already getting better and more confident with my Spanish. It does not hurt that Emilie is such a sweet person.

It is also easy to practice Spanish here because the people are so wonderful. There have been a few exceptions though. For example, the first other Spaniard I met besides Paco the taxi driver was a woman named María. She refused to even try to understand me and was very rude. Then there was the bank teller. Those of us in the Isep program have to open bank accounts to receive our stipend and when we went to a bank to do so the man refused to help us. So Kaitie, Sabrina (a student from LSU) and I went to another branch where literally everyone from the manager to the tellers helped us enthusiastically.

So last night, Emilie, Kaitie and I went to this little fair near my apartment. Actually I should not say small. It stretched a couple blocks and was located directly next to the river. There was so much food and it all smelled absolutely amazing. There were spits of lamb, fresh corn being grilled, sausages being handmade, fresh seafood, and lots of alcohol. It is still a little weird being able to drink whenever I want and this weekend has definitely been full of vino y cerveza.

just taking a little stroll

Of course while there it started raining and we had to run back to the flat. By the time we got into our apartment we were soaked and laughing from how pathetic we looked.

¡Nuestra pelo!jajaja

Anyway we are about to walk to the bus station to pick up Emilie’s friend and I have now spent too much time thinking in English. I will post again soon. Keep in touch my loves.


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