Sliding farther down the throat of the Spaniards

My voice, a newborn deer in the language of the spaniards

Twisting and slipping in onto itself with new legs too long to bear the weight of their words

Folding amongst the Rs and the bowing to the insistent rhythm within their breath

And the bachata between their teeth; I cannot keep up, cannot keep pace

But in moments of excellence and flashes of brilliance

My mouth catches up to their relentless song

My tongue like a pájaro flitting through the spaces inbetween my teeth

My own breath whistling out in a musical rendition just a touch off-key

Learning Spanish has so far been a journey fitted with obstacles set to destroy our fragile confidences. I have been laughed at, mocked, and completely ignored and I am not the only extranjero here who has experienced this. However, it has only been a little longer than 2 weeks and I can feel the language sliding into my brain, taking hold there and it is an exhilarating experience.

At times, when I need to speak English (perhaps to another foreigner who does not yet speak spanish) words begin to mix in an interesting combination of English and Spanish. My grammar while speaking English often times takes the form of the Spanish language and the other Americans laugh in solidarity. Thinking in Spanish no longer is so difficult, The other night, I dreamed partly in Spanish and spelling has become distinctly more difficult in both languages as they brush up against each other in a rapid sensation of pulsing drum beats. At times now, when I am not prepared for it, English is even difficult to understand. It is happening, soon I will master this musical language.


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