Las leyes de España son opiniones

Un amigo me ha dicho: las leyes de España son opiniones. Estoy de acuerdo.

A friend told me, the laws of Spain are opinions. I agree.

It is curious to me how relaxed the police force here is. It is quite a contradiction with the strong, forceful arm of our police force in the United States and while I am sure that in other parts of the country it is not so, here in Murcia the appearance of the policemen and women is extremely tranquil. However, despite the lax force of the police, there is very little crime in my region and when the locals do break the laws, they are considered minor infractions. Kids being kids if you will because more often than not it is the youth who of course are pushing the limits. In fact, I have come to believe that the older population encourages the exploration and adventurous nature of the youth. Today, we decided to become a part of the more daring crowd.


See that mountain with the giant statue? Yeah, we climbed to the top of that. Which was all good and fun until we got to this point.


Because after this point there was a gate with a chain and padlock. But where some of the group saw “Keep Out” I and a few others in the group saw “This is Spain, Go for It!” So we did.


Yep, that’s me. I was on the struggle bus a little bit and I’m not going to lie; the inner American in me kicked in, whispering “Stop, this is bad. You could get into trouble.”

I wish I had taken pictures of our struggles past this point and I know that a few of the others have pictures of us on the terrifyingly steep “stairs” but I was too busy trying not to fall down the mountain. In places, the stairs were so bad and steep we were basically crawling and in one place the stairs were completely washed away so we resorted to rock climbing. Going up was one thing, but coming down was even more terrifying. Have you ever climbed a rock wall without ropes? It was perhaps only 8 or so feet up/down we had to climb, but in the moment it was nerve-wracking. In the end, however, I have to say I felt extremely accomplished in a weird way. It took us an hour plus some change of walking to reach the base of the mountain, I sure wasn’t going to stop half way up.


In a dramatically poetical way, I feel as though my excursion today parallels my struggles to get into this program and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Ilegal? Maybe if you see doors with locks as barriers but especially after living in Spain, I see gates and locks as opportunities to get creative. The best views in life are often a little difficult to reach. And, after all, perspective changes everything.